Strategic Human Resources


StrategicHuman Resource Planning

Companies need to develop a Human or People Capacity that will align their strategic business plan. Houston Consulting & Associates will work with you in identifying your people capacity needs to meet your current and future business challenges to ensure alignment with your overall strategic plan.

Houston Consulting & Associates develops Human Capacity Plans that accomplishes the following key objectives:

  • A Human Capacity plan that will effectively manage and develop the Human Resources function of your company.
  • A plan to attract and retain the best candidates.
  • A plan that will ensure alignment of Human Resources processes to the company’s mission, vision and values.
  • A clear understanding of how each employee plays a role in meeting the company’s mission, vision, values and objectives.
  • Employee and management understanding of where the company is, where it’s going and how Human Resources Strategic Planning will be integral in getting the company there.
  • A plan that will identify and strengthen the culture of the company while modifying the cultural elements that will be detrimental to supporting the overall strategic plan.

After the objectives are identified, we will help you define the process, and execute your strategy to achieve a competitive advantage. Strategic human resource planning is about creating a plan that will enable your company to meet your current and future needs while improving the human capacity of your company.

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