Mock Interveiws


Mock Interviews

In addition to having the qualifications and skills required by a hiring organization, candidates should know how to set themselves apart during the interview. This requires thoughtful preparation. In today’s highly competitive job market, where many well qualified candidates often vie for one position, interview skills are more essential than ever. Appropriate interview preparation takes time and attention. By properly preparing for interviews you become confident presenting yourself in a way that sets you apart.

A principal goal of the interview is to evaluate applicants’ job-relevant knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics. The primary aim of mock interviews are to help you correct obvious social faults and be more at ease in a tense or stressful situation such as, interviewing. During a mock interview you will learn the interviewing skills you will need to improve. This also allows you the opportunity to objectively analyze your strengths and interests you would bring to a new position. Mock interviews also helps you prioritize the points you want to communicate to the prospective employer.

HCA will help you prepare for interviewing success in the following areas:

  • Establishing your goals
  • Identifying your professional attributes
  • Formulating objective measurements of your accomplishments
  • Preparing questions based on research and;
  • Developing your presence.

A well prepared candidate can become confident that he or she is presenting a positive image that is likely to be well-received by hiring managers.

HCA offers affordable mock interviews in person or via videoconferencing to assist you in improving your skills to land the job of your dreams.


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